Travelocity Is Giving Away Vacays Based On Your Kids’ Drawings

Is your fridge covered in drawings lovingly made by your kid? Now you can turn their talent into a real family vacation, thanks to Travelocity. This summer, the online travel agency is giving away actual trips for families with destinations inspired by their kids’ drawings.

Here’s how it works: All your kid has to do is channel their creativity and put marker or crayon to paper. Then you submit their work of art for a chance to win a getaway worth $10-thousand. They can draw anything from the Eiffel Tower to a beach at sunset, and get this - even squiggles and abstract lines are fair game forthe contest. But Travelocity specifies in the rules that a team of experts will be judging based on the art’s originality, the quality of the piece and how well it fits the theme of the contest, so “better” art may give you better chances of winning a trip.

After the drawings are submitted, the Travelocity experts will translate the mini masterpieces into a unique vacation for five families. The contest ends Friday, July 9th at 1pm, ET. and the lucky winners will get the good news via email on July 22nd.

Source:Travel and Leisure

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