Most Parents REALLY Looking Forward To Getting Kids Back In School

While summer may have just started for some kids, parents are already thinking about the new school year, and many sound excited for things to return to normal.

A new Coinstar survey finds:

  • 80% of parents plan to send their kids back to in-person school this year.
  • 86% are relieved or excited about the return to in-person schooling, while 33% admit they are nervous.
  • 61% of parents expect back-to-school items will be pricier this year compared to before the pandemic.

The past year and a half has been hard for parents who had to juggle work and their kids’ remote learning, and now that kids will be back in school, parents have plans for what they’ll do with that extra time.

  • Of those expecting to have more free time:
    • 44% will spend it on housework and chores.
    • 34% will use to be more productive at work.
    • 38% hope to squeeze in some quiet time.
    • 32% will treat themselves to something personal, like a walk or massage. 

Source:Daily Record

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