These Are The Wedding Traditions People Want To Keep And Skip

After a year of most weddings being delayed, or seriously scaled back, more couples will be walking down the aisle in the coming months. And while some wedding traditions may never go away, there are others some folks would be happy never to see again.

A new YouGov survey asked folks which wedding traditions couples should keep and which they should skip.

  • Traditions that most folks think should stay include:
  • Exchanging rings (79%)
  • Sending thank you notes (75%)
  • Having a first dance (73%)
  • Bride tossing the bouquet (66%)
  • Bride having father/family member give her away (64%)
  • Bride wearing white (50%) 

But there are plenty of traditions people are happy to see go.

  • The most common is the bride promising to obey her husband, with 50% of married adults saying the tradition should be dropped .
  • 32% of married adults say it should stay though, with men more likely than women to think that (42% vs. 22%)
  • Another wedding traditions folks think should go is the bride’s family paying for the wedding (43%).
  • There are some traditions that folks think should stay, but they are less popular, including:
    • Throwing rice/confetti at bride/groom (44% stay vs. 31% skip).
    • The couple not seeing each other beforehand (44% say stay vs. 28% skip).
    • The groom doing a garter toss (45% stay vs. 26% say drop).


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