Apparently Women Feel Tremendous Stress About Their Armpits

Now that it’s summer, and pretty hot out in most places, a lot of gals will be wearing tanks, bathing suits and summer dresses, which will leave their armpits exposed, and apparently that’s causing a lot of stress for gals.

A new survey finds:

  • Most women say their underarms are a huge source of worry.
  • Some of the big reasons they stress are due to
    • Hair (39%)
    • Sweat (39%)
    • Odor (37%)
  • The stress is so huge, 82% of women say they feel the need to have a perfect pit, which means it’s...
    • Hairless
    • Even toned
    • Has no marks or discoloration
  • 30% say they have changed an outfit because they felt self-conscious about how their armpits looked or smelled. 

Attention to armpit hair starts very young with most women.

  • In fact the average age gals start removing their armpit hair is 14.
  • 35% of women say they started doing so due to outside pressure.
  • 51% did it because their peers were already doing it. 
  • ONE MORE THING!It seems a lot of women began skipping armpit maintenance during the pandemic, with 31% saying they were shaving less. And many plan to stick with it, with 13% saying they plan to keep up with this new beauty routine. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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