Most Parents Don’t Feel Prepared For The Upcoming School Year

While getting kids ready and out to school each day used to feel like a normal routine for parents, after the past year-plus of remote learning, many are a bit rusty, and that has them worried about the upcoming school year.

A new poll (conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Sittery City) finds:

  • 51% of parents say they don’t feel prepared for the upcoming school year.
  • 70% admit to being overwhelmed by all the changes they endured over the year.
  • One in three confess they only just started getting the hang of their new routine. 
  • With the new school year only weeks away, 27% of parents say they forgot what their kids normal morning routine feels like.
  • But, the past year has resulted in some positive changes with their kids.
  • 75% of moms and dads say the pandemic made their kids more self-sufficient.
  • Some of the ways they’ve become self-sufficient include:
    • Dresses themselves (59%)
    • Cleans up after themselves (58%)
    • Does homework without parental help (49%)
    • Goes to sleep on time without being reminded (47%)
    • Cooks for themselves / the family (30%)
    • Goes to buy groceries / other necessities on their own (24%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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