Shaq & Melissa McCarthy Voices Added to Amazon Alexa

If you ever wantedShaquille O’Neal or Melissa McCarthy to tell you the weather, you're in for a treat. Amazon has added the two stars to its Alexa digital assistant. Starting Thursday, you can have Alexa speak in the voices of Shaq or Melissa, instead of Alexa’s default female voice.

According toVariety, you'll be able to ask "Shaq or McCarthy to tell them the weather, play songs, tell jokes, read poems or stories, and more (like asking Shaq to rap or soliciting a funny story from McCarthy)."

In a statement, McCarthy said, “That’s right folks, get ready for the vocal stylings of this nasal Midwestern gal! I am so excited to join the Alexa family. It’s been such a fun experience working on this project. I hope you all enjoy all my dad jokes! Fun fact — if you hear a slide whistle, it’s my personal one that I brought with me to the recording studio!”

O’Neal and McCarthy join such Alexa celeb voices asSamuel L. Jackson,Baby GrootandGordon Ramsay.

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