Subway Has Launched A Website To Defend Their Tuna

To counter claims that their tuna isn’t really tuna at all, Subway has established the new website, to dispel what they say has been misinformation. Court rulings aside, Subway CEOJohn Chidsey says the site “will take you through all the science. People love our tuna. We’re very proud of our tuna, so I think that’s really the end of the story.”

To review, the problems started when “New York Times” investigative reporterJulia Carmel wrote that a tuna sample that was sent to a commercial lab was either too heavily processed to be identified or there was no tuna DNA to begin with.

So...where does that leave us now? According to Sunway, Applied Food Technologies is not always able to provide a conclusive answer. “I say follow the science,” Chidsey adds. “And if you follow the science, once tuna is cooked, its DNA becomes denatured, which means when you go to test it, you can’t tell one way or the other.” That’s Subway’s stance...there you have it.

Source:USA Today

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