New Mexico Waiter Recognized For Performing Life-Saving CPR

A woman who collapsed at a restaurant here in Albuquerque is alive today thanks to a waiter who rushed to save her. Carlos Gonzales was in the middle of a shift at El Pinto Restaurant in Albuquerque when Deborah Sewall, one of his customers, passed out at the table.

It turns out, she collapsed because of low potassium, which can be fatal. Gonzales, who is a student at the University of New Mexico studying to be an EMT, immediately sprang into action to save her. He began doing CPR and chest compressions and is being hailed as a hero for his efforts.

“Carlos moved so quickly, he really did save my life,” Sewall says. And to repay his kindness, she reached out to local news station KOB4, which is awarding Gonzales $400 as part of their “Pay it 4ward” recognition program.


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