Homeschooling Is Seeing A Surge Again

Once something a few parents would opt for, homeschooling is becoming mainstream since the pandemic started.

Even with schools reopening for the fall, many parents are turning to teaching at home. Some say it’s that their local schools are not run well, some want their special needs kids to have more needed focus, and others want it because of their faith.

How did homeschooling become trendy? When students were forced to go virtual, parents discovered the upside of homeschooling and how much better their kids’ grades were.

Black households saw the largest jump; their homeschooling rate rose from 3.3-percent in the spring of 2020 to 16.1-percent in the fall.

One mother points out that in school you have to conform or be bullied, but at home students can be themselves. If you opt to homeschool, there are plenty of options for curriculum. Just find the one that fits your family best.

Source:New York Post

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