Working From Home May Come With A Physical Price

Working from home sounds like a plumb gig, but a new survey shows it’s wrecking us physically. and One Poll got together to find out some of the effects of remote work. When it comes to physical pain, two-in-three have it regularly since being home.

Other findings include:

  • The majority wake up with a headache or eye pain seven times a month
  • 67-percent experience tech fatigue
  • 26-percent say most of their stress is felt in the eyes, followed by the head, shoulders, and legs
  • 68-percent point to stress and the home environment for making their primary senses more intense

The good news is three-quarters asked are looking for more ways to take care of their bodies, with most looking for new home de-stressing ideas. Drinking water and napping are the top ways most try and tackle stress, which is mostly caused by screens. That’s way many people are unplugging at night now.

Source:SWNS Digital

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