Viral Video Of Dad Dancing With Young Nanny Raises Questions

A video of a 23-year-old nanny dancing with her male employer is raising concerns and making some viewers uncomfortable. The video was recently posted to TikTok, where it quickly went viral, and it shows nanny Lizzie Norton and the father of the kids she watches,Andrew, reenacting a scene from “Dirty Dancing.” In the clip, they take turns lifting each other up and wrapping their arms around each other, like in the final scene of the movie.

Andrew’s wife,Rachel, is filming the video and can be heard giggling in the background and at one point she says, “You thumbed her boobs.” The video was first posted on the mom’s TikTok account and has sparked some to question if the relationship between the nanny and the dad is inappropriate. Critics have commented that the pair is “flirting” and some went as far as to suggest that Andrew is “grooming” Lizzie.

The video was also reposted by an account called “The Best Loved Nanny,” which offers advice for aspiring nannies, and the person behind the account,Michele Garza, says she doesn’t think they actually did anything wrong, but that they “started to blur the lines.”

  • In response to the backlash, Rachel has posted several videos defending the original video, including one captioned “Since you’re all nosy perverts.”
  • She denies allegations of an inappropriate relationship between her husband and urges people to stop “attacking” Lizzie.
  • The nanny joins the mom in one video to say, “I'm not being groomed. Everybody can really calm down.”


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