Starbucks Baristas Are Fed Up With “Ridiculous” Customized Orders

A Starbucks barista went viral with the ridiculous order a customer asked them to make, but the company threw their support behind customers getting what they want. Well, the outrageous requests haven’t stopped, and baristas are sharing just how bad it gets.

Insider talked to over a dozen current and former baristas, who all say they are fed up with customer’s "excessive," "ridiculous," and "disgusting” customized drink orders, adding that TikTok is making things even worse, offering up all sorts of suggestions for complicated drinks to order.

Although Starbucks insists that 75% of customized drink orders aren’t hard, and are likely to only have about three modifications at most, baristas have had enough of those other 25%, especially since they usually slow down the line, plus customers tend to get angry if the drink isn’t made just how they want them.

So, how crazy can some of these modifications get? Well, some baristas say requests, especially through mobile apps, wind up with "mile-long stickers,” with so many ingredients they don’t fit in a cup. One person said they’ve had orders with 20 or more pumps of syrup, another said they had an iced latte with 12 shots of coffee and five shots of hazelnut syrup and one person had a drink with whipped cream, nonfat cold foam,andsweet-cream cold foam.

And then there were the requests that some baristas had to say no to. Like the customers who ask for cake pops or brownies to be blended into a drink, and even one barista was asked to blend their egg bites into a beverage.Gross!

  • At the end of the day, such customizations are difficult for everyone, because it slows everything down. “The whole thing is about being as fast as possible, and so in order for that to work, everything has to be systematic,” one barista noted, while another added, "If a drink looks complicated, assume that it's complicated.”


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