Women Reveal The Most Common Myths People Believe About.....Women

People have a lot of generalizations when it comes to women, but often many of them simply aren’t true, and are rather ridiculous. Well, now women are sharing the craziest ones out there.

It all started when someone posed the question on Reddit, "Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?,” and the ladies were more than happy to chime in.

Myths about women include:

  • "That we can hold our periods in. Why do men think periods are like pee??? Gravity is no friend to women."
  • "That when we say that we are not interested in someone, we actually want them to try to persuade us 10–20 times more."
  • "That we need children to have a fulfilling life."
  • "That we all secretly hate each other."
  • "That we have all dreamed of our weddings since we were little nuggets."
  • "That we are a mystery. I am sick of telling people exactly what I want and hearing, 'Well, yeah, but what do you really want?' I am not lying or playing games. You know what women want? To be treated like human beings, with respect, like anyone else!"
  • "That we can’t have fulfilling platonic friendships with men."
  • "That we only have cats or small dogs. That large dogs are men's pets. That's so weird and wrong.”
  • "That we only sit around talking about men, makeup, and gossip. Women talk about abstract ideas plenty."
  • "That we're 'naturally' better at tasks related to housework and childcare."
  • "That we want to see a pic of your d**k. We don't." 


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