Americans Only Have About 13 Totally Pain-Free Days Each Year

As folks get older they start getting aches and pains they never had before, and for a lot of people, that pain just won’t go away.

A new survey finds:

  • 48% of Americans are convinced they will never have a pain-free day in their life.
  • In fact, the average American said they only get about 13 truly pain-free days each year.
  • 37% of Americans say they’ve been diagnosed with chronic pain, meaning it lasts longer than six months.
  • 18% haven’t received an official diagnosis, but suspect they suffer from chronic pain.
  • And all these aches and pains are making people feel much older than they actually are.
  • The average person says such aches and pains make them feel six years older than they are.
  • The average person will actually say “I’m getting old” about six times a day.
  • And when it comes to pain, Americans have seem to have a lot of conversations with themselves.
  • For instance, the average American will:
    • Say sitting down is exhausting seven times a day.
    • Say standing is a chore seven times a day.
    • Say their joints hurt seven times a day.
    • Say “Oh, my back!” seven times a day
    • Attribute joint pain to rain six times a day
    • Attribute joint pain to cold weather six times a day
    • Grunt when they sit down/stand up five times a day.

Source:SWNS Digital

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