These Are The Best Cities To Travel With Kids

We’ve got one more summer holiday weekend coming up, and if you’re looking to take your kids somewhere fun, a new report reveals which are the best cities for a vacation with the kiddos.

  • The Family Vacation Guide just revealed their picks for the best cities to travel with kids.
  • They looked at TripAdvisor ratings for things like “family friendly hotels,” “good for kids” attractions, and “child friendly” restaurants.
  • Not surprisingly, many of the Top 20 locations on the list were very large cities, and many tend to be warm all year.
  • Topping the list though is New York, which scored a 7.61 out of 10.
  • New York has 152 family-friendly hotels, 143 attractions and 30 restaurants that are rated top on TripAdvisor. 

Top Ten Best Cities To Travel With Kids

(click herefor the Top 20)

  1. New York City (7.61)
  2. Orlando (6.54)
  3. San Diego (5.63)
  4. Honolulu (5.53)
  5. Los Angeles (5.38)
  6. Miami (5.38)
  7. Las Vegas (5.30)
  8. New Orleans (5.21)
  9. Tampa (4.79)
  10. Chicago (4.78)

Source:Family Vacation Guide

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