Zillow Now Has A Listing For The Disney Ultimate Princess Castle

Do you love scrolling through Zillow? Well, now you can make your real estate search even more magical by taking a peek inside the Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle. Hasbro and Zillow have teamed up to celebrate Disney’s “World Princess Week” by giving the castle it’s very own listing on Zillow.

Yep, it’s a toy, but browsers can check it out just like any other property in real life.The listing includes details like:

  • The storybook castle stands an “impressive four feet tall” and can “entertain 12 Disney Princess heroes.”
  • It comes with six furnished rooms, an ensuite bath and a walk-in closet.
  • “The property is even movable and can be placed on any lot of your liking.”
  • The palace has an upstairs window “that lights up to look like a fireworks show with music - the perfect feature for an owner who loves to entertain.”
  • It features a “beautiful outdoor garden swing that converts to a sofa for relaxing indoors.”
  • And it lets you check out the castle’s previous “royal visitors,” including Snow White and Cinderella.

Real estate pros Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are even giving “exclusive” castle tours on Instagram. “Being big fans of Disney in our family combined with our backgrounds in home renovation and design,” the couple says, “we can definitely appreciate the extravagant designs and layouts this playset has to offer.”

Source:Good Morning America

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