Most Americans Cried About Money During Pandemic

The past 18 months of the pandemic have certainly been hard, and for a lot of folks it’s been particularly difficult financially. Well, a new poll reveals that for some, their money troubles have been so bad it’s driven them to tears.

The LendingTree survey finds:

  • 42% of Americans admit to crying about their financial situation during the pandemic.
  • That’s particularly true for women (55%) compared to men (29%).
  • 60% of parents of children under 18 say they’ve shed tears over their money problems, while 59% of Millennials have as well.
  • In addition, 47% of those who make less than $35K cried about money during the pandemic, as did 38% of those earning over $75K.
  • The most common reasons for crying about money include:
    • Income/job loss (42%)
    • Not being able to afford things for family (33%)
    • Debt (31%)
    • Not being able to pay mortgage (24%)
    • Arguing with loved one about money (23%)
    • Medical bills (20%)
  • But not all tears shed were sad ones. Many respondents admit to shedding “happy tears” about their finances during the pandemic.
  • Reasons for those happy tears include:
    • Receiving a stimulus check (26%)
    • Student loan payments paused (9%)
    • Finding a new job (8%)
    • Paying off debt (8%)
    • An unexpected gift or inheritance (7%) 

Source:Lending Tree

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