Dad Goes Viral For Genius Prank To Gets Kids To Clean Their Room

Can’t get your kids to keep their rooms clean? One dad had a brilliant – albeit slightly devious – solution to get his teens to clean their rooms.

"I’m always arguing with them about not eating in their room, returning dirty dishes to the kitchen," the dad, named Chad, said. "I threatened that they're going to end up with a mouse in their room that will bring friends to the house."

His kids still left their rooms a mess … so, Chad came up with a plan. "I got tired of singing the same song and decided to teach them a lesson," Chad said.

He went to the store and bought a bag of black rice – which looks a whole lot like mouse poop. He then sprinkled the rice all around his kids’ rooms – including under the bed and even in the sheets.

Needless to say, his kids are now keeping their rooms clean. (Diply)

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