Wealthy Guest Leaves Bellhop A Life changing Fortune

For years, Charles George Courtney traveled from England and spent his vacations at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe in Aydin, Turkey.

Through those years, Charles established a friendship with Taskin Dasdan -- who worked as a bellhop at the hotel.

Sadly, Charles died earlier this year -- but there was a big surprise in store for Taskin.

In his will, Charles left a life-changing fortune to Taskin.

While the exact amount of money left to Taskin wasn’t reported, it was believed to be enough that the bellhop -- who had worked at the hotel for 31 years -- would never have to work a day in his life again.

For now, though, Taskin plans to keep working, even though he doesn’t have to. He said he feels grateful for the gift, but he loves his job because it allows him to meet people from all around the world -- such as special friends like Charles.

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