Costco Brings Back Wine & Beer Advent Calendars

While it may be too early for some to start thinking of the holidays, that’s not the case at Costco, and they are bringing back a popular holiday item that’s bound to make adults happy.

The latest edition of "Costco Connection" magazine reveals that the warehouse store is brining back their wine and beer Advent calendars to help adults count down to Christmas Eve. The mag notes, "It might be Advent-ageous to add two very fun beer and wine holiday items to your Costco list in early September, as they sell out quickly." 

For wine lovers, the calendar, which costs $99.99 and will be in most stores by the first week October, features 24 half-bottles of wine in different varieties. For beer lovers there’s the Brewer’s Advent Calendar, which sells for $59.99 and was already spotted at a Florida store. It comes with 24, 16.9-ounce cans of German beer. Each year the calendar comes with about six new beers.

Source:USA Today

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