Mom Furious School Shared Daughter’s Supplies With Entire Class

Most kids are back at school, and most parents have finished making sure their kid has everything they need and want for the new school year. However, one kid didn't get to keep her supplies because of school policy, and her mom is furious.

A woman took to Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum to find out if she is wrong for being angry about what went down at her kid’s school. She says that the back-to-school shopping list mentioned not to label their kids’ supplies. Since there was no explanation why, she put her daughter’s name on her stuff because she was worried she would lose it. 

  • After the first day of school, the mom got an email explaining what she did wrong. The reason they were not supposed to be labeled was because the supplies were pooled and distributed amongst the class.
  • The mom writes that the teacher actually took the six notebooks and folders she sent with her daughter, and then gave her daughter two new ones, and mom was livid.
  • “I emailed the teacher back and said I don’t mind buying extra supplies if a child doesn’t have any, but I want the stuff I bought for my daughter to be returned to her,” the mom explains. “We picked it out together and she was excited to use them."
  • The teacher told the mom that she couldn’t get the supplies back because another kid was using them.
  • The teacher also noted it was “important that kids learn to share,” implying that her daughter could use some help with that.
  • The mom is furious and can’t understand the point of pooling the items, since it sounds like they are just shuffling things around.
  • She then asked, “Was she an a**hole for not just accepting the teacher's rules and letting this go?,” and responses were mixed.
    • "NTA. It’s one thing if the list asked parents who can to donate supplies for children who may need them, but this is practically stealing,” one person wrote, “Likely the only 'lesson' she’s getting is that her wishes will not be respected by those with authority over her.”
  • Others called out the mom for not following instructions.
    • “OP was given a list of school supplies to send in that said DO NOT LABEL with names. That means they [are] classroom supplies, not personal,” one person commented. “It is on OP for choosing to ignore that. She was told — she just didn’t listen.”
  • And some just flat out felt she was in the wrong.
    • “Yes, you’re petty. I can see why your kid is possessive,” one comment read. “You’ve now made a huge deal to her about the importance of 'things' and how not to share.” 


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