Study Says Gut Bacteria Could Be Key To Weight Loss

What’s in your gut could affect your ability to lose weight, according to a newstudy. In your digestive system are trillions of microorganisms and these bacteria, viruses and fungi are all known as the microbiome. These microorganisms help us break down food and this study suggests they can also influence our ability to shed pounds.

Researchers from the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle looked into the microbiome’s role in weight loss by tracking the baseline microbiome of 105 folks who are trying to lose weight. While the entire group made healthier diet changes, about half of them didn’t drop any pounds. And it turns out, those people had lower bacterial growth rates in their microbiome than the group who lost weight.

Study authors conclude that there are some people who don’t lose weight with diet changes alone and will need to do more than just switch up what they eat to see results. “Your gut microbiome can help or cause resistance to weight loss and this opens up the possibility to try to alter the gut microbiome to impact weight loss,” explains lead authorDr. Christian Diener.

Source:New York Post

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