PTA Creates Hilarious Signs To Keep Drop Off/Pick Up Line Moving

If you’ve ever dropped a kid off at a school car line and felt your blood boil at just how long it took, you’re going to love this. The PTA of the Mountain View School in Waddel, Arizona, took a humorous approach to the issue after getting complaints from parents about the slow-moving line.

“Our school had quite a bit of growth this year and we started having a big problem with parents wanting to sit in the drop-off line until our gates open,” PTA presidentKira Provoexplains. This blocked traffic from getting into the parking lot, so parents complained to the PTA. And the parent-teacher group decided “it would be funny to create celebrity-inspired signs,” Provo says.

The result? Hilarious signs with messages from 90s songs and a show parents love.

  • There’s one with a photo of *NSYNC with the message, “Tell the kids bye, bye, bye”
  • One with TLC that reads, “Don’t go blocking drop-off lines”
  • Another sign shows that famous couch-moving scene on “Friends” with Ross shouting, “Pivot! Out of the drop-off line!”
  • MC Hammer appears on one sign that reads, “Can’t park here”
  • And another features Ryan Gosling with the message , “Hey girl, move your car all the way up”

Provo says the signs have only been up for a few days, but they’re already helping with the traffic congestion.

Source:Fox News

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