This Old School Lipstick Keeps Selling Out, Thanks To Tik Tok

The latest beauty product to take TikTok by storm isn’t new at all. An old Clinique lipstick color has exploded in popularity thanks to TikTokers, including one user, @jenn_aedo, who shared avideowith the rundown on the beauty brand’s Black Honey shade. Her video has gone viral with millions of views and now it seems stores can’t keep this lipstick in stock.

What makes this even more surprising? Clinique Black Honey launched decades ago whenRichardNixonwas president! The lipstick first debuted in 1971 and back then, it came in a glass jar, like a honey pot that it’s named after. The company switched it to a tube in its “Almost Lipstick” line in 1989 and that’s when it became a beauty staple and cult classic. And the reason is that this color looks good on pretty much everyone.

The shade looks super dark in the tube, but it’s sheer and goes on much lighter. It’s so versatile and compliments so many skin tones, it was dubbed a “black turtleneck for the lips,” according toCarolynDawkins, senior vice president and global chief marketing officer at Clinique. And now that it’s blown up on TikTok, it keeps selling out everywhere and Clinique even has a waitlist for it on its website.


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