Experts Say To Avoid Using These Phrases At Work

Tone is so hard to convey -- and to pick up on -- in e-mail and Internet-messaging programs like Slack. You don't mean to cause conflict at work. So here are five phrases to avoid so you don't come off as passive-aggressive.

“Per my last e-mail ...” What people hear: “You didn’t really read what I wrote. Pay attention this time!”

“For future reference...”What people hear: “Let me correct your awful mistake.”

“Bumping this to the top of your inbox...”What people hear: “You’re my boss [or employee]. This is the third time I’ve asked you. I need you to get this done.”

“Just to be sure we’re on the same page...”What people hear: “I’m going to cover my butt here and make sure everyone knows that I was right all along.”

“Going forward...”What people hear: “Do not ever do that again.”

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