These Are The Subjects Kids Wish They Learned In School

Parents send their kids to school to learn math, science, history and more, but apparently if kids had their way they would be learning entirely different subjects.

  • A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked 1,000 kids ages six to 11 what subjects they’d like to learn and school, and the answers may surprise you.
  • It seems many youngsters have dreams of being Internet famous, because the top school subject they want is “How To Be A YouTube Star.”
  • Many subjects were practical, like “how to look after pets,” “how to cook my favorite meal” and “how to be recycle.”
  • Others were more general like “how to be brave,” “how to be kind” and “how to be proud of myself." 

Top 10 Subjects Kids Would Like To Learn In School

(click here for the Top 30)

  1. How to be a YouTube star
  2. How to look after pets
  3. How to cook my favorite meal
  4. How to be good at video games
  5. How to eat healthily
  6. How to recycle
  7. How to be brave
  8. How to cheer someone up
  9. How to make people laugh
  10. How to be proud of myself

Source:SNWS Digital

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