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The Revelations From The Latest Britney Spears Documentary

Netflix just debuted the latest Britney Spears conservatorship documentary, “Britney vs. Spears,” and while it does bring up a bunch of stuff already revealed in previous docs, investigative journalist Jenny Eliscu and documentary filmmaker Erin Lee Carr, do uncover some new info.

Revelations include:

  • Initial paperwork requesting Britney’s conservatorship lists the reason for it as “orders related to dementia placement,” which isn’t normally common for young people.
  • The doctor who signed off on Britney’s alleged condition was Dr. J. Edward Spar, a geriatric psychiatrist, even though Brit was only 27 at the time.
  • Even though she allegedly had dementia, Britney was able to be back at work on the set of “How I Met Your Mother” just two months later.
  • The five-day window usually given to contest a conservatorship was waived in Britney’s case allegedly because her then-manager Sam Lutfi was considered dangerous, with Brit’s parents convinced he was putting drugs in her food. He is interviewed in the doc and insists that didn’t happen. He says he was used by Jamie Spears as a “scapegoat” in order to prevent Britney from contesting the conservatorship.
  • Britney’s chosen lawyer at the time of the conservatorship,Adam Streisand, was removed because he planned to argue that a conservator should be an independent professional, not a family member. When he expressed that, the judge told him Britney did “not have the capacity to retain counsel and have an attorney-client relationship.”
  • Streisand says Britney did not think court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham was advocating for her enough, and since he was being paid by Jamie, he would have the tendency to cooperate with Jamie.
  • In a voicemail Britney allegedly left to a lawyer in 2009 she said her father “threatened” to take her children away.
  • During Britney’s four-year Las Vegas residency, Jamie paid her an $8,000 a month allowance, while he earned $2.1 million in tour revenues, as well as a monthly salary of $16,000. 

Source:New York Post

FBI To Probe Britney Spears’ Dad; Dad & Lawyer Battle Over Conservator Replacement

As we told you, the new FX and Hulu Britney Spears documentary, “’The New York Times' Presents: Controlling Britney Spears,” reported that Britney’s father Jamie Spears secretly monitored all her texts, calls and emails, and even bugged her bedroom. Well, now a report claims the FBI are looking into the allegations.

Although the FBI did not confirm the claim, Deadline insists it has “learned that federal authorities are indeed taking a look at the claims for a further possible criminal probe.”

But that’s far from the only Britney news…

  • Jamiehas filednew legal documents opposing the person Britney wants to replace him as conservator. He claims CPA John Zabel doesn’t have the experience to manage Brit’s $60 million fortune, even though Brit’s team says he has "executive experience in finance and in the entertainment industry.” Jamie also insists he didn’t do anything wrong so there’s no reason to replace him.
  • But Brit’s lawyer wasquick to clap backat Jamie, insisting Zabel is way more qualified than Jamie ever was. Lawyer Matthew Rosengart argued in docs that Zabel is a “highly esteemed, nationally recognized, award-winning CPA with an impeccable record of serving in positions of trust.” He adds that’s “in stark contrast” to Jamie, who he describes as “a reported alcoholic and gambling addict, with zero financial background or experience in financial matters, who previously filed for bankruptcy and has a domestic violence restraining order currently in effect against him.”
  • Rosengart also noted that if Zabel is appointed he will “also be supported by Ms. Spears’ business management and forensic accounting teams.”
  • In lighter news…Britney and fiancé Sam Asghari joked about having a baby on his Instagram Story. In the clip, Brit is seen holding a baby doll, with Sam announcing, "Exclusive! We had a baby," adding, "What should we name her?" In another clip, they seem to praise their doll for her dance moves, with Sam noting, “She's talented, got that choreography down," with Brit joking, "She's a natural like her mama."


Jesse Palmer Is The New Host Of “The Bachelor”

ABC has found its replacement for Chris Harrison, and it won’t be a Bachelor Nation newbie, after all. In fact, it’s a former Bachelor Jesse Palmer.

The NFL quarterback starred in season five of “The Bachelor” in 2004, and is no stranger to TV with hosting gigs for ESPN, ABC News, “The Ultimate Surfer” and “The Proposal” under his belt. Palmer will be handing out roses for season 26 of “The Bachelor,” which airs in 2022, and word is he’s planning on locking in with the whole franchise.

“For more than 20 years, ‘The Bachelor’ has brought the world dozens of unforgettable love stories, including at one time, my own,” Palmer says in a statement. “Falling in love is one of life’s greatest gifts, and I am humbled by the opportunity to return to the show as host this season to offer the newest Bachelor advice gained from firsthand experience and I am grateful to play a small part in his journey.”


Nicole Kidman Poised To Be Highest-Paid Actress On TV

Nicole Kidman has been keeping herself busy, and it’s paying off. She’s poised to become the highest-paid actress on television.

After her appearances in “Big Little Lies,” “The Undoing,” and “Nine Perfect Strangers,” streaming giants are reportedly in a full-on war over the actress. According to “Radar Online,” Netflix, Apple and HBO are desperate to nab her for their next projects – and they’re apparently offering her as much as $30-million for the parts.

Kidman is currently the third-highest-paid actress on TV, below Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, who are making $2-million per episode for Apple’s “The Morning Show.” But Kidman is on her way to the top, an insider saying she’s “TV gold.”

Source:Radar Online

BTS Announce Four Shows At SoFi Stadium

BTS are ready to perform for their fans once again. The K-Pop group just announced a four-show residency at Inglewood, California’s SoFi Stadium. 

“BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA” will kick take place November 27thand 28th, and December 1stand 2ndand it will be their first concert in front of fans since 2019 BTS World Tour.

VIP Ticket purchasers of BTS’ canceled 2020 "Map of the Soul Tour – North America" will get first crack at tickets with an October 5thpresale, followed by a general on sale October 6thand a BTS Army fan club sale on October 7th.Click here for info on how to sign up for Tickemaster’s Verified Fan.


Jennifer Aniston Ready To Date Again

Jennifer Aniston has been single since she divorced Justin Theroux in 2017, and that's just the way she wanted it.

“I didn’t want to [date] for a long time and I loved really being my own woman without being part of a couple,” she told Brian Bozzi in a recent interview. “I’ve been part of a couple since I was 20 so there was something really nice about taking the time.” For the record, she was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and got with Justin ten years later.

But now the “Friends” star says she’s ready to get out there. “I think it’s time,” she said. “I think I’m ready to share myself with another.”

So what does it take to be with one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes? For one, Jen won’t be swiping right or left because she’s “an old school girl.” She went on to say, “The ease at which the conversation flows the first time, that’s kind of a good indicator," adding, "Confidence, but not a cocky-ness. Humor, please, I beg of you. Generous, kind to people. You know…very few necessities required.”

A healthy lifestyle is also a must. “I think fitness is important and not just about how you look but I want to be around here for a long time and not be in a wheelchair when I’m 80,” Jennifer stated.

But please know that Hollywood types need not apply. The 52-year-old said earlier this month that she was looking to date someone outside of the industry.

Source:Page Six

Movie Quickies

  • First Look At Peter Dinklage In “Cyrano” Musical Movie:We’re getting a peek at “Game Of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage’s next movie role. He stars in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac.” The upcoming movie musical also stars Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrisno Jr, Bashir Salahuddin,and Ben Mendelsohn and premieres on Christmas. Check out first look picsHERE.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Auditioned For Lead “Zoolander” Role:Jake Gyllenhaal almost starred alongside Ben Stiller in “Zoolander” instead of Owen Wilson. In a new interview with “Esquire” celebrating the 20th anniversary of the cult classic, Stiller reveals Gyllenhaal auditioned for the role of male model Hansel. Wilson was the first choice for the role, but they held more auditions when it started to look like there would be scheduling conflicts. Stiller says Gyllenhaal’s was one of the most memorable auditions, that he was “really funny.”

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