Balloon Fiesta Officials Discuss Public Safety

From KOB-TV:

Balloon Fiesta Park may still be pretty empty but this Saturday, that will change.

Thousands will come together Saturday as the International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta begins. As attendees descend on the park, public safety will be a priority.

"We discussed how are we going to deal with COVID-19 when it pops up, how are we going to deal with emergency situations, such as fires, shooters and bombs," Sean Wallace, director of public safety for the Balloon Fiesta, said. "With the different emergencies that can pop up, we've taken an all-hazards approach."

If you are attending Balloon Fiesta, it is important to remember not to bring guns, knives with blades longer than four inches, any glass bottles or alcohol.

Law enforcement will be tagging children in case they get lost. They will also be patrolling the grounds and parking lots and stepping up their presence across the city. 

"Outside the Balloon Fiesta area, we'll have a lot of our folks, including the crime suppression people, working the hotels and the city to hopefully ensure to all of our tourists, visitors and pilots that their equipment is safe throughout the duration of Balloon Fiesta," NMSP Chief Tim Johnson said. 

Source: KOB-TV

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