Workouts That Can Improve Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Exercise could be the fix, depending on what type you do. According to the Sleep Foundation, a regular exercise routine can help most people sleep better and maybe fall asleep faster, too. Research shows those who experience chronic insomnia and start a regular workout program can fall asleep 13 minutes faster AND stay asleep for 18 minutes longer.

The organization explains that exercise can help realign the internal body clock, depending on what time of day they do the sweat sesh, plus, it may ease symptoms of anxiety and depression that can get in the way of good sleep. But not all workouts are the same and some types are better than others for preventing insomnia.Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can improve the quality of sleep and moderate-intensity aerobic activities can help improve sleep-disordered breathing conditions like sleep apnea.

The Sleep Foundation reports that some research suggests moderate-intensity aerobic activities, like walking, water aerobics and bike rides up inclines, may improve sleep quality more than vigorous-intensity activities, like running, swimming laps and tennis. And the time of day you workout matters, too. While several studies have found that those with a regular exercise routine are less likely to have insomnia and sleep issues, some people do experience exercise-induced insomnia if they workout too close to bedtime.

Source:New York Post

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