Twitter Testing Feature To Warn Users About Wading Into A Twitter Fight

It’s hard to go on Twitter and not catch at least one contentious online debate brewing. Well, now the social media site wants to warn people before they decide to jump into one. 

A Tweet from Twitter support recently revealed that the company is working on a new feature that would warn users they are about to wade into a Twitter fight. Depending on what’s going on, the alert might say something like “conversations like this can be intense.” It could also offer tips on keeping things respectful or factual.

“Ever want to know the vibe of a conversation before you join in?' Twitter Support asked in a tweet. 'We're testing prompts on Android and iOS that give you a heads up if the convo you're about to enter could get heated or intense.”

So far there’s no word on when, or if, it will really be rolled out to the general public. The tweet did add, “This is a work in progress as we learn to better support healthy conversation.” A spokesperson for Twitter added determining which conversations would get such prompts “may evolve or change as we learn and iterate.” 

Source:The Mail

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