*LIST* The Most Stolen Cars Of 2020

When parking your car on the street there’s always a little worry that someone may try to steal it, and if you own certain vehicles you have a particularly good reason to be concerned.

  • Well, the National Insurance Crime Bureau just released their annual "Hot Wheels" report, identifying the ten most stolen vehicles in the country last year, so you may want to beware if you own them.
  • For the second year in a row, the Ford Full-Size Pick-Up tops the list of the most stolen vehicle.
  • According to the “Hot Wheels” report, 44,014 Ford Pick-Ups (Full Size) were stolen last year, up 13% from 2019, with the 2006 the most stolen model.
  • Six of the Top 10 most stolen vehicles were Japanese models. 

Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles Last Year

  1. Ford Pick-Up (Full Size) (44,014)
  2. Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size) (40,968)
  3. Honda Civic (34,144)
  4. Honda Accord (30,814)
  5. Toyota Camry (16,915)
  6. Nissan Altima (14,668)
  7. GMC Pick-Up (Full Size) (13,016)
  8. Toyota Corolla (12,515)
  9. Honda CR-V (12,309)
  10. Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size) (11,991)


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