Study: Exercise Better Than Weight Loss For Long, Healthy Life

Some people think that you have to be thin to be healthy, but more health experts are embracing the idea that the body mass index doesn’t give us the best picture of someone’s overall health. And newresearchbacks this up by showing the number on the scale can’t predict overall wellness and longevity. And that exercise is more important than weight loss for heart health and a long life span.

Researchers analyzed hundreds of studies about how weight loss, working out and longevity work together, specifically looking at health outcomes for people considered overweight and obese. They focused on the fact that the number of people with obesity has increased over the last few decades, but so has the number of people trying to lose weight. So the weight loss efforts don’t seem to be working and they’re not necessarily making people healthier either.

And they conclude the evidence shows being physically active beats losing weight in terms of improving heart health and lowering the overall mortality risk. According to the study review, people who are considered obese may actually have a lower risk of premature death than folks who are “normal” weight, but aren’t in good shape. “We would like people to know that fat can be fit,” explains study author Glenn Gaesser,“and that fit and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.”

Source:Huff Post

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