Study Says Intermittent Fasting Can Lead To “Significant” Weight Loss

Shedding extra unwanted pounds isn’t easy, which is why so many people have to try a few diets before finding one that actually helps them reach their goal. But one popular weight loss method - intermittent fasting - is gaining fans because you can combine it with any other diet, from keto to vegan, and new research shows it produces results.

An analysis of 25 previous studies suggests that intermittent fasting can promote “significant” weight loss and even improve metabolic health for people who have obesity. Researchers from University of Illinois in Chicago reviewed the studies involving three types of intermittent fasting:

  • Alternate day fasting - You alternate between one feast day and one fast day, and only eat one 500-calorie meal on the fast day.
  • 5:2 diet - This one calls for five days of feasting and two days of fasting.
  • Time-restricted eating - There are no calorie restrictions with this type, but you only eat in a window of four to 10 hours a day, then fast the rest of the time.

Their analysis shows participants with obesity who did time-restricted eating lost an average of three percent of their body weight, no matter how long their eating window was. And those who followed the alternate-day fasting dropped between three and eight percent of their body weight over an eight-week period. The 5:2 diet produced similar results as the alternate-day fasting, even though it has fewer fasting periods. And the best part? Participants who did the 5:2 diet and alternate day fasting kept the weight off, maintaining an average of seven percent weight loss for an entire year.

Source:Eat This, Not That

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