The Daily Dish For October 18th

It’s Official: Kourtney Kardashian Is Engaged To Travis Barker

In less than a year,Travis Barker has done what Scott Disick couldn’t do in ten: get a ring on Kourtney Kardashian’s finger. The Poosh founder made the announcement official herself with an image of her being embraced on the beach by Barker… at sunset… surrounded by thousands of roses and candlelight. Her caption? One word: “Forever.”

TheBlink-182drummer got down on one knee beachside at the Rosewood Miramar hotel –and she said yes! They had just gotten back from a fun trip to NYC – where Travis was in town to perform withYoung Thugon “SNL” – and hit up the Rosewood in Montecito, their usual spot. So a source tells “E! News” Kourtney “had no idea” he was planning to propose.

Travis recruited the Kardashian fam’s florist Jeff Leatham to set up huge floral arrangements on the beach lined with candles, leading Kourtney to center where he “professed his love to her and thanked her for making him a better person.” "It was super emotional and sentimental. Kourtney was so happy and was definitely emotional," the insider says. "She teared up and couldn't stop saying, 'I love you.'"

LA County Attempting Forced Psych Eval On Vanessa Bryant

If the county of Los Angeles has its way,Vanessa Bryant and the other surviving family members of the fatal helicopter that killed Kobe Bryant, their daughter Gianna, and seven others in January 2020 will have tosubmit to a psychiatric examto prove a point. To review, they’re suing over the unauthorized release of photos of the crash site. The county wants to know if the plaintiffs’ emotional distress was caused by the photos or the crash itself.

Since the county thinks it was the crash itself, they want a court order to compel the exams to defend themselves against Vanessa’s lawsuit. She’s claiming invasion of privacy and negligence because county employees improperly shared pictures of human remains from the crash site. 

“Despite putting their mental condition front and center in this case, Plaintiffs refuse to submit to independent medical examinations (IMEs),” the county stated in their court filing. “The County brings this motion to compel IMEs of the Plaintiffs, which are necessary to evaluate the existence, extent and nature of Plaintiffs’ alleged emotional injuries. Plaintiffs cannot claim that they are suffering from ongoing depression, anxiety and severe emotional distress and then balk at having to support their claims.” 

  • The lawyers representing Vanessa and the others blasted the county’s response because it would force psych evals on a group that includes “four teenagers, a 10-year-old child, and a five-year-old kindergartener.” The judge has yet to rule on the county’s request, but the trial is set for February.

Source:USA Today

Katey Sagal Recovering After Being Hit By A Car

Katey Sagal is on the mend after being hit by a car in Los Angeles on Thursday. The Golden Globe winner’s husband Kurt Sutter has taken to Instagram to give folks an update on her recovery.

Sagal was hospitalized on Thursday after being clipped by a Tesla driver while crossing the street around 11:40am. After being treated at a local hospital, a source tells “People” that the actress is “going to be fine” and will be going home soon, if she’s not home already. The case is still under investigation, but so far no arrests or citations have been made, and there reportedly weren’t drugs or alcohol involved.

"She's the only one bringing in money right now…" Sutter jokes on Instagram alongside a screenshot of a report about the incident. "So I'll be picking her up from the hospital later, taking her to that Dancing With the Stars audition. #fingerscrossed."


Angelina Jolie Hopes To Empower Young People With New Book

Angelina Jolie is on a mission to empower young people with her new book that just hit shelves, “Know Your Rights and Claim Them: A Guide for Youth.” Taking to Instagram, the actress says young people can change the world when they “have the agency, power and knowledge to speak up.”

Jolie, a longtime advocate for women and children's rights, wrote the book with the help of “young activists around the world” righting for their rights. She’s hoping the book will inspire younger generations to harness their power to “help achieve a more equal society.”

“I’m so inspired by young people around the world who are on the front lines of the struggle for human rights,” she writes. “From protecting the environment to fighting inequality and discrimination, they are stepping in to do the work adults should but so far have failed to do.”

Source:Angelina Jolie

William Shatner Responds To Criticism From George Takei, Prince William

William Shatner is officially the oldest person to go to space, and apparently not everyone is impressed.At least, as we previously reported,George Takei and Prince Williamhad things to say about it.

Takei threw shade at his former “Star Trek” captain by quipping that he was “boldly going where other people have gone before” as a “guinea pig” for Jeff Bezos’space travel company Blue Origin. Now, Shatner has fired back on Twitter, urging fans not to send hate Takei’s way since “the only time he gets press is when he talks bad about me.”

“He claims 50+ years ago I took away a camera angle that denied him 30 more seconds of prime time TV. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m giving it back to him now by letting him spew his hatred for the world to see!🤣 Bill the 🐷”Check out the post below.

  • As we told you, Shatner also responded to Prince William saying there are more important things on Earth to focus on than space travel. Shatner is on the same wavelength, since hetold “Today” after his journeyit reminded him how important it is to take care of the planet. But still, he thinks Will has “the wrong idea” about space travel. "I would tell the prince, and I hope the prince gets the message, this is a baby step into the idea of getting industry up there," he notes. "So that all those polluting industries, especially, for example, the industries that make electricity... off of Earth."

Source:William Shatner

Adele Vegas Residency May Be One Show; New Single Sets Records & More

We told youabout rumors that Adele was thinking of headlining a Las Vegas residency, but it looks like it may not be as big as folks were expecting. In fact, a new report claims it’s just one show.

According to “The Sun” Adele is actually in talks to do one show at The Encore Theater at Wynn in Las Vegas to help launch her new album “30," which drops November 19th.

“Adele has said that she wants to showcase the album in Vegas with a one-off, very special concert,” a source claims. “Ideally, she doesn’t want it to be an arena,” adding, “And the smaller Encore is a very strong contender. Its old-school Rat Pack influences make it feel very ‘her’.”

  • Meanwhile, Adele discussed her touring plans in an interview with BBC 2’s “Big Breakast” host Zoe Ball.“I don’t have any solid plans because of COVID,” she said. “we have a few options in the pipeline and we’re just trying to work out what is most doable.” She added, “but I’ll be doing something or other.”

In other Adele news…

  • As we told you, her new single “Easy on Me” came out Friday and it’s already breaking records. Amazon Musicreportsit received the most first-day streams of any song in the platform’s history. Italso setthe Spotify record for the most streams in a single day, beating BTS’“Butter.”
  • Speaking of “Easy on Me,” in an interview with the BCC 1 Radio Breakfast Show with Greg James, Adele says her friends weren’t all that impressed with the song at first. "I sent a snippet of me singing it as I was writing it to three of my closest friends here," she shares. "And one didn't like it, the other one was like, 'Well, yeah, maybe, keep trying though,' and the other one was, 'I'm busy working.' So that was the perfect response for me."
  • Adelealso tellsJames that fans shouldn’t expect her to be making music forever. “I don’t want to do this forever and also people won’t want me to do it forever,” she says. “[Nobody wants to see me] when I’m 95 or hear me whining or chain-smoking, living like aGrey Gardenscharacter with all my cats, being eaten alive.”

Source:The Sun

Britney Spears Celebrating Christmas Early; Warns Family If She Ever Does Interview

Britney Spears is starting to get more freedom, and she admits it’s making her a little nervous. 

I'll just be honest and say I've waited so long to be free from the situation I’m in … and now that it's here I'm scared to do anything because I'm afraid I'll make a mistake,” she writes on Instagram, next to a photo of a Christmas tree. “I worked so hard but now that it's here and getting closer and closer to ending I'm very happy but there's a lot of things that scare me.”

Brit says one thing she’s scared of his paparazzi following her, noting “it’s like they want me to do something crazy. 

As for the Christmas tree, she says she put it up early “because why not ???!!! I believe any reason to find more joy in life is a good idea."

And in her final comments, Britney says she plans to stay “clear of the business which is all I’ve ever known my whole life," and also issued somewhat of a warning to her family. She notes, “it’s no secret that I’ve been through it in the past … so I might have to do things a little differently from now on !!! Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview !!!” 

Source:Britney Spears

Ryan Reynolds: “Taking Sabbatical” From Acting

Ryan Reynolds is ready to pump the breaks on acting. The actor has announced that he’s taking a break from acting after finishing his holiday film with Will Ferrell,“Spirited,” which he called very “challenging.”

Reynolds notes that it’s only a “sabbatical,” so we’ll be seeing him on the big screen again soon enough. While he’ll “miss every second” of working on movies, he’s ready for some quality time with wife Blake Lively and their three kids.

As we reported separately, Michael Caine has clarified rumors he sparked about his own retirement. In the comments of Reynolds’ sabbatical announcement, Lively jokes, “Michael Caine did it first.”

Source:Ryan Reynolds

Movie Quickies

  • Trailer Drops For “The Batman” Starring Robert Pattinson:You can officially get hyped for “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson.The trailer was unveiled at DC FanDome over the weekend, giving us a good look at the actor’s take on the Dark Knight.Zoe Kravitz star as Selina Kyle, and we also get a hint of The Riddler, Penguin, and the Batmobile. “The Batman” premieres March 4th, 2022.
  • “The Flash” Trailer Teases Michael Keaton’s Return As Batman:We’re finally getting a look at “The Flash.” The first footage of the upcoming film was unveiled during DC FanDome on Saturday, teasing Barry Allen racing through the multiverse, along with the returns of Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sahsa Calle’s Supergirl. “The Flash” premieres November 4th of next year.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson In “Black Adam” First Look: Black Adam has finally come to life, courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He kicked off DC Fandome with a first look at the upcoming film about the anti-hero. “Black Adam” is set to open on July 29thof next year, but youget a look at it on the right...
  • Lynda Carter's "WW3" Return Confirmed:Patty Jenkins has confirmed what every “Wonder Woman” fan wanted to know – yes,Lynda Carter will be part of the next installment. The two were on-hand at DC Fandome to share the news that theoriginal Wonder Woman would reprise her roleof Asteria in “Wonder Woman 3.” Although Gal Gadot – who has a new baby at home – couldn’t be there, Patty said that she and everyone involved is excited about what’s coming up. At this point, no release date has been announced.

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