Newsweek Names The Most Loved Workplaces

There are some companies some workers would sell their soul to work for. Imagine being in an environment where your ideas are appreciated and the benefits are awesome. Those places exist!

“Newsweek” has the list of some of those companies. They surveyed over 800-thousand employees about five key points: the level of collaboration at the firm; how positive workers are about their future at the company; how much employer values align with employee values; respect at all levels; and career achievement.

According to the results, here are the 2021 Most Loved Workplaces:

  1. Spotify
  2. Dell
  3. SAP America
  4. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
  5. Navy Federal Credit Union
  6. Deckers
  7. Cadence
  8. Hasbro
  9. FanDuel
  10. Capgemini

Global Editor-in-chief of “Newsweek,”Nancy Cooper says some companies are stepping up because, "in order to compete for top talent, companies today have to be innovative and thoughtful about the environment they're creating for their employees.”


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