Most Siblings Still Argue & Compete With Each Other As Adults

There’s no doubt that sibling rivalry is something kids are constantly dealing with growing up but while you may think most will grow out of it as they get older, it turns out that’s likely not the case. 

A new survey of 2,000 adults finds:

  • 51% of siblings still have a competitive relationship with their brothers and sisters.
  • Among the top things siblings compete over:
    • Career goals (22%)
    • Home ownership (22%)
    • Who is the parents’ favorite (20%)
  • Other areas of competition include:
    • Skills in the kitchen
    • Vacation destinations
    • Who drives a nicer car
    • Skills as a parent
  • 17% say this sibling rivalry has existed at every stage of their lives.
  • Older siblings tend to be more competitive and more successful than younger ones.
  • Older sisters are more competitive than older brothers.
  • 15% say sibling rivalry motivates them to achieve more in their careers.
  • 23% say it actually pushed them to reach their goals.
  • Along those lines, 25% of siblings say competition with siblings is healthy.
  • 20% say such sibling rivalries have helped them achieve more in life. 

Source:Study Finds

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