Could You Live In A Haunted House? Most Are Willing, For The Right Price!

A lot of folks love to be scared around Halloween, seeking out haunted mansions, and listening to ghost stories. But how many people would want to live with such spooks year-round? Well, more folks than you’d think. 

A new survey finds, that if it means being able to afford their dream home:

  • 30% of people would be willing to live with a friendly ghost.
  • 20% would be okay living in a home where a murder took place.
  • 17% would be totally okay with a haunted house.
  • 46% would be fine with a haunted house if they could get it at a discount.
  • And while cemeteries can be creepy, 30% of people would live next to one.
  • Another 25% would have no issue living next door to a haunted house.
  • Overall, 30% of people believe they’ve lived in a house that was haunted.
  • 27% say they learned the house was haunted before moving in, while 73% only learned after
  • Reasons they believed the house was haunted include:
    • Strange noises (58%)
    • The feel of certain rooms (44%)
    • Shadows (42%)
    • Feeling touched (37%)
    • Pet behavior (37%)
    • Items moving (35%)
    • Hot/cold spots (34%)
    • Ghost sightings (33%)
    • Lights turning on/off (31%)
    • Levitating objects (12%)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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