Spanx Founder Gifts Employees With First Class Plane Tickets And Cash

The founder of Spanx is showing appreciation to her employees for helping bring the company to where it is today.

FounderSara Blakelyis giving her employees first-class plane tickets for anywhere in the world and 10-thousand dollars in spending cash after striking a deal with a private-equity firm. Blakely posted a video on Instagram last week that showed her spinning a globe and saying each employee is getting first-class tickets to anywhere in the world along with the spending cash.

The employees were stunned and cheered at the emotional way she told them about the gifts.

Multiple reports say the Blackstone private-equity firm is buying a majority stake in Spanx, with the deal valuing the underwear company at one-point-two-billion dollars. Blakely started Spanx in her apartment in 2000.

Source:USA Today

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