Parents Stressed About Holiday Travel With The Kids

Now that Halloween is over it’s time to really start thinking about the holidays, and for a lot of parents, that means dreading traveling with their kids.

A new survey of parents with children five and under finds:

  • 74% of families are planning to travel this holiday season.
  • 71% of parents think the holiday season is the most challenging and stressful time to travel with kids.
  • 52% of parents say traveling by car is the easiest mode of transportation with kids, followed by:
    • Airplanes (13%)
    • Busses (11%)
    • Trains (10%)
  • As for what makes car travel easier:
    • 65% say it’s because they can travel on their own timeline
    • 55% say it’s because they have more control over safety.
    • 50% say it’s because they can have control over comfort.
  • Of course, the best way to make holiday travel with children less stressful is to be fully prepared, which is why 80% plan every detail of their trip before they leave.
  • Details they plan in advance include:
    • Packing extra things (58%)
    • Which snacks to pack in between meals (55%)
    • Where to eat meals (54%)
    • Best time of day to travel to maximize kids' comfort (52%)
    • Checking car seat installation (47%)
    • The number of pit-stops along the way (47%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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