The Best Ways To End An Email

If you’ve ever struggled over how to wrap up an email, you aren’t alone.

In some cases you want to sound professional and in others you want to prompt a reply. Then there’s the question of how formal to be. It all depends on if you are following up, thanking them, reminding them, sharing information, or chatting with them. “Pop Sugar” did some digging and here are the best ways to wrap up an email:

  • Ending emails professionally. Don’t say “thanks” or “thanks” again unless the recipient is doing something for you. Best practice for casual emails is “Cheers.” For all others it’s “Best.”
  • For teachers, managers, and business partners. It’s best to be intentional on signing off. "Thank you in advance for your help" or "I look forward to hearing from you” are your best options.
  • To a friend. Keep it light! Anything from “XO” to “Take care” works depending on your level of friendship.

Source:Pop Sugar

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