High School Senior Raises Money For New Mexico hospital

From KOB-TV:

Micaela Gallegos is a senior at Volcano Vista High School.

On top of being a cheerleader, "I'm in National Honor Society English Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society, math Honor Society," Gallegos listed off.

But years ago, when she was just eight, what Gallegos thought was a stomach ache changed everything.

"My mom jokes about this all the time, but I told her I was pregnant when I was eight because my stomach hurts so bad," remembered Gallegos. "So I was just in pain, and I was crying."

The pain came from her kidney.

"They said that my right one was almost dead, and then I got diagnosed with chronic kidney disease," described Gallegos.

"They didn't know if I was gonna be able to play sports or be as active as I am now." She had to get surgery and spent weeks at UNM's Carrie Tingley Hospital.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, Gallegos is hosting a movie night at Century Rio to raise money for Carrie Tingley Hospital.

"I feel like Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital has made me want to become a doctor," said Gallegos. "Getting my kidney removed was a huge impact in my life." No matter what happens next, "I want to leave this world knowing that I made a difference."

You can catch Ferris Bueller's Day Off at Century Rio on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. Gallegos has already raised a thousand dollars.

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