Remote Job Listing Says Boss Can Make “Unplanned Visits”

After spending more than a year and a half working from home due to COVID, a lot of folks have gotten used to the relaxed feel of not being in a office environment. But apparently not all companies want their remote employees to feel that way, judging by a recent job listing for a remote position that just went viral on social media.

Folks on Twitter are up in arms after someone posted a job listing for a remote gig with Mattel’s America Girl brand, that includes the stipulation that “there may be periodic unplanned visits from a supervisor during scheduled work shifts.”

And that’s not all. Don’t expect to get the job if you plan to work on your couch with a laptop because it requires a “closed-door work area with no distractions or background noise (ie: pets, children, machinery, music or talking),” plus they need office supplies and “dedicated high-speed Internet,” which he applicant would pay for themselves. Also, the employee would have to be free “from all other responsibilities,” like taking care of “children, elderly, pets, etc.”

Mattel now says the job they posted doesn’t require those at-home visits anymore, noting, “While security is a critical piece of this role, the job description no longer includes language about unplanned visits, which were never put into practice.” But that didn't stop Twitter from coming down hard on the listing.

  • “Visits from the boss…at my house? Um, no,” one person commented.
  • While another added, "My actual work office would not fit these requirements, due to…other people working there and the sounds of working in a city which often infiltrate my office.”
  • Finally, another noted, “This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a reason they’re always hiring.”

Source:New York Post

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