Pet Owners Suffer Tons Of Guilt!

How attached are people to their pets? 80% of people in a new survey said they feel guilty for lying to their pets and 70% said they believe their pets “know” when they’re lying to them. And just how do they know their pets are on to them?

  • 60% said their pets don’t want to be touched.
  • 56% said their pets give them the “cold shoulder.”
  • 55% said it’s the way their pet looks at them.

What else to pet owners feel guilty about?

  • Leaving their pets home alone – 90%
  • Not spending enough time with their pets – 59%
  • When their pets are sick or hurt – 58%
  • When they can’t take their pets on a walk – 54%
  • Taking their pets off the couch/bed -- 53%
  • Accidentally stepping on their pets -- 43%
  • Not giving into their pets’ begging -- 24%

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