This Is What People Really Think About Their Partner’s Appearance

We all have pet peeves about our partners, even if we don’t want to admit them. Maybe the way they load the dishwasher makes you cringe or you can’t stand an outfit they wear on repeat, or maybe it’s related to their appearance. A newsurveyof more than 14-hundred people reveals that the majority of people share a common complaint about their partner’s looks and they would change it if they could.

Advanced Dermatology asked U.S. residents in relationships of a year or longer about how their S.O.’s appearance has changed during the pandemic.

  • 89% of people polled say their partner’s look has changed, with 63% admitting it has gotten worse.
  • The most notable changes people have noticed in their partners include fatter bellies and lower bodies.
  • Just over half (52%) of respondents say their partner is now dressing more casually.
  • And 46% say their partner is spending less time on hygiene now.

And these changes in appearance are affecting the way some people feel about their significant others:

  • 57% of those surveyed say they’re less attracted to their partners than they were pre-pandemic.
  • 56% say they’re now having less sex
  • And 55% report they’ve felt embarrassed in social situations because of the way their partner looks.

There was one complaint that the majority of people share about their partner’s appearance: weight.

  • More than three-quarters (79%) of respondents say they wish their partner would lose weight and we’re not talking just a pound or two - they want their partners to lose an average of 22 pounds.
  • They’re also not being shy about telling their partner, 52% say they’ve actually brought it up to their partner directly and 48% say they’ve made subtle comments about their weight.

Source:Best Life

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