People Say These Are The Truths Parents Refuse To Accept

A lot of parents have a certain way of thinking, whether it’s how they raise their child, or feelings about their child’s behavior, and nobody is going to tell them any different, regardless of how wrong they may be.

Well, now folks are trying to open parents’ eyes to what they aren’t seeing. It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, "What are some truths some parents refuse to accept?" As you can imagine, plenty of folks were happy to share their thoughts. 

Responses included:

  • "Spoiling your kid too much can leave them really unprepared for the real world."
  • “That your children may turn out completely different to you — different interests, hobbies, ideologies, and religions. Don’t get pissy at your kid because he likes reading instead of football."
  • "That sometimes their kids have valid opinions. Instead of interrupting them and pulling the 'because I said so' and 'that's just how it is' cards, they could listen to their child and make them feel heard instead of suppressed."
  • We don’t owe them grandchildren."
  • "Your oldest child is not your younger children's parent."
  • "Apologizing won’t kill you. It’s better to be respected than feared."
  • "You as a parent are responsible for teaching your kids proper manners and common decency. Not their teachers/tutors/babysitters."
  • "Your kid doesn't ever really 'belong' to you. They are just another human who has their own life. You're just responsible for helping them figure out life."
  • "The fact that 'just ignore the bullies' isn’t always going to work."
  • "That children can be depressed…even if they don’t pay bills."
  • "That their children are d**kheads. 'Oh no, my James would never do something like that.' Well he did, and he's a p**k." 


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