You Might Be Cleaning Your House Too Much!

Does anybody really like to clean? The good news is you may be cleaning some things in your house too often. 

Southern Living lists the things you don't have to clean too often. 

Slip covers-- Spot clean stains. Wash once or twice a year, if needed.

Carpets and upholstery-- Unless you have high traffic areas or pets, cleaning your carpets or upholstery every quarter should be enough.

Ceiling fans-- Deep clean with soapy water once a month. 

Bedspreads, quilts and comforters-- If your comforter is in a duvet cover, you only need to wash your comforter every three to five years. If you don't use a duvet cover wash your comforter every one or two years. A duvet cover should be laundered every week along with your sheets and pillowcases.

Clothes-- Socks and underwear should be washed after each use. Same for dirty or sweaty clothes. Other clothing items can be worn a few times before washing. 

Dirty dishes-- Prewashing dishes is a waste of time and money. The enzymes in dishwasher detergent needs bits of food to cling to do its job. 

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