Women Are Proudly Showing Their Hot Mom Bods

The idea that women need to “bounce back” to their pre-pregnancy figures after having a baby is becoming a thing of the past, at least for some moms, like Bethanie Garcia. The influencer and mother of five regularly shares photos of her post-baby body with her 203-thousand followerson Instagram. She’s not ashamed of its stretch marks, cellulite and a little sagging that come with her 11 years of being pregnant, giving birth and breastfeeding, she actually sees those as sexy symbols of her strength.

Garcia is just one of the women who are helping change the unrealistic expectations of how moms should look after having kids.Sarah Landry, known to her 2.1-million Instagram followers as @thebirdspapaya, also shares body positive messages and encourages mothers to embrace their mom bods, excess skin and all. She proudly posts photos of her postpartum stretch marks, comparing them to lightning bolts, a symbol of power.

“The way that you previously felt sexy might change, but the reality is that your beautiful body created a human being and grew it,” explains dietitian and body acceptance advocateJenna Werner.“I don’t think there’s anything sexier than that.” And thanks to these women, the world may soon get used to seeing mom bods in all their natural glory the same way we see all those unapologeticLeonardoDiCaprio-esque dad bods.

Source:New York Post

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