Most Americans Have Never Successfully Completed A New Year’s Resolution

A lot of folks made New Year’s resolutions only a few weeks ago, but let’s face it, a lot of people probably gave up already. So, how successful are people when it comes to resolutions? Well, a new survey set out to discover just that.

The survey finds:

  • Two-thirds of Americans say they have never successfully completed a New Year’s resolution.
  • Regardless, three-quarters of Americans set New Year’s resolutions this year.
  • 36% actually think they will achieve what they set out to do.
  • 35% believe they will achieve at least some of their goals.
  • 4% don’t believe they’ll achieve any of them.
  • Of those who don’t expect to achieve their resolutions, the average person starts falling behind by January 29th.
  • They will the give up entirely by February 4th.

So, why is it so hard to stick to resolutions? Well, the top reasons include:

  • Tried to give up something they enjoy (42%)
  • Their goals were too large/ambitious (42%)
  • They don’t have a good support network for achieving their resolution (38%)
  • They don’t have the motivation to stick to a resolution (37%)
  • They set too many goals for myself (37%)
  • Their resolution was expensive (36%)
  • Other things took priority (34%)
  • Not enough time for my resolution (33%)
  •  But after the past couple of years, many folks have decided not to stress themselves out with resolutions.
  • 75% say the pandemic has made them less concerned about “typical” resolutions.
  • 69% are more focused on their happiness than making significant lifestyle changes. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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