APS Implements "Enhanced Covid Safe Practices"

Due to an influx of positive COVID-19 cases among students and staff recently, all APS schools will be taking extra precautions to help reduce virus spread. These include: 

  • Outdoor learning when possible
  • Wearing properly fitted masks outdoors as well as indoors
  • Students facing one way in classrooms and the cafeteria as much as possible
  • Eating outdoors when possible
  • Keeping students in cohorts
  • Allowing only essential visitors
  • Prohibiting spectators at school events, including athletics from Jan. 19-Feb. 2
  • Prohibiting large group gatherings, including assemblies
  • Staggering transition times and recesses
  • Closing drinking fountains (though students can still fill water bottles)
  • Restricting locker use
  • Students report directly into classes/cohorts upon arriving at school
  • Restricting visitors to essential visitors only
  • Recess times/spaces staggered to separate classes/cohorts of students for elementary schools.

APS schools are doing everything possible to keep students and staff safe, limit the spread of the virus, minimize disruptions, and continue in-person teaching and learning.

More details HERE

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