Most Workers Have Their Resignation Letters Written & Ready To Go

The Great Resignation is real, and if folks haven’t already said goodbye to their jobs, they are apparently more than ready to do so.

A new survey commissioned by Wisetail and conducted by OnePoll finds:

  • 34% of those polled say they’ve quit their job within the past two years.
  • 59% of people say they’ve thought about quitting their job so much that they already have their resignation letter written, they just haven’t sent it.
  • But they may want to seriously consider it, because 55% of those who quit say it was the “best decision” they’ve made in a while.
  • Of those who have quit, 45% did so or professional reasons, while 29% did so for personal reasons.
  • Specific reasons for quitting include:
    • A different job with better pay (57%)
    • Better work/life balance (55%)
    • Better working conditions (54%)

But the truth is, there are things companies could be doing to keep these workers from giving their two weeks.

  • In fact, 88% of those who quit say they would have stayed if they were offered better benefits.
  • Among the specific things that would have kept people from quitting include:
    • More opportunities for growth (52%)
    • Offering better working conditions (52%)
    • Offering internal career development/growth opportunities (49%)
    • Offering better pay (46%)
    • Being treated as valued (46%)
    • Offering better work/life balance (45%)
    • Offering a 401k (44%)
    • Having a better office culture (37%)
    • Offering remote working options (28%)
    • Offering tuition reimbursement (21%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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